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The School of Humanities and Culture consists of three Colleges, each of which has unique features; the College of Humanities takes on the responsibility of providing education in basic fields of study, the College of Comparative Culture carries out education with special emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives, and the College of Japanese Language and Culture aims to dispatch information on the Japanese language and culture to the global community. The School is an unequaled educational facility, perhaps missing in the rest of the universities in Japan, in that it aims at providing a broad education in both fields of humanities and culture.

In this School, over 1000 Japanese and international students are studying and about 150 full-time faculty members are actively engaged in teaching, providing support to students with their daily lives and career etc. The homepage of each college provides information on faculty members, classes, employment situation of graduates, activities/events, entrance examination etc. Please visit college homepages for more information.

Provost of the School of Humanities and Culture