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College of Humanities

The College of Humanities offer four majors: Philosophy, History, Archaeology and Folklore, and Linguistics. A total of 17 programs are offered under these majors.

Philosophy: Philosophy, Ethics, Religious Studies
History: Japanese History, Oriental History, European History, Historical Geography
Archaeology and Folklore: Prehistory and Archaeology, Folklore and Cultural Anthropology
Linguistics: General Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics, English Linguistics,
French Linguistics, German Linguistics, Russian Linguistics

Students in their first and second years are required to take courses in foreign languages and other liberal arts to acquire basic skills and knowledge needed to major in the humanities. They are also required to take introductory courses offered in their major to establish a basic understanding of the field.

In the third year, students enter one of the programs in their major and start engaging in literature research and fieldwork related to their field of study to enrich their understanding.

In the fourth year, they write a graduation thesis as an opportunity to exhibit the expertise they have developed in their four years.

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