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» Objectives


The goal of human resource development

Based on the copious knowledge accumulated by, and the substantial results obtained from, the pursuit of learning in both fields of humanities and culture, and also keeping in mind the world that now shows an increasing tendency toward globalization, the School aims to conduct a well-rounded education, and to raise the next generation of distinguished persons with strong skills in communication, replete with prescience, creativity, and originality, and capable of playing an active part in the international arena.

Career support

It is not an exaggeration to say that university is the place to choose a life. We believe that it is the mission of the university to provide maximum support so that each student can choose the best life suitable for him/her, and our university is making various efforts for that. The School of Humanities and Culture offers classes such as Freshman seminar and courses of CDP (academic and society). In these classes we think with students about what kind of occupation the students will take in the future, what kind of life they can develop, and how their college life should be utilized for achieving their goals.